Do Y'all Remember REPUBLICAN BIMBO Tomi Lahren . . . Well She Ain't Doing Too Well . . . Pics Of Her With NO MAKEUP ON!!


Remember Tomi Lahren - she's the Republican BIMBO that would say inflammatory (and often RACIST) things on Glen Beck's TV channel.

Well she's now on Instagram whining about being fired, sued, dropped, disinvited, heckled, laughed at, slandered, betrayed and dumped in the last four months.

Tomi also told her followers that Trevor Noah no longer speaks to her and the last two times Charlamagne Tha God was asked about her - he said she wasn't his friend.

Unfortunately for Tomi, no network has picked her up since Beck fired her.

She now does her final thoughts segment from her bedroom and posts them to Facebook and she's selling T-shirts and hats to make ends meet.

Look at her - without makeup.

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