Y'all Remember BISHOP EDDIE LONG . . . The GAY PASTOR From Atlanta . . . Well Look At Him Now . . . He Looks Like He GOT THAT . . . . NEVERMIND!!!


Bishop Eddie Long is a popular MEGACHURCH pastor from Atlanta, who was caught up in a gay/pedophile scandal a couple of years back. Multiple teenage boys from his church claimed to have been involved in physical relationships with the Pastor.

It was not clear whether the relationships began when the teenagers were OVER the age of consent in The State Of Georgia, which is 16. Bishop Long was never charged with any crime, but it was a HUGE scandal.

Anyways, now fast forward until yesterday. Check out these new pics of the pastor, who lost a GANG of weight. He claims the weight loss is due to a raw food diet.

We hope that's all it is. Cause to us it looks like he got something ONLY PRAYER can cure.