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XXXTENTACION'S Killers Used 'SILENCERS' On Guns . . . Organized HIT NOT Robbery!!


MTO News obtained MORE information surrounding the murder of popular rapper Xxxtentacion. We obtained an actual EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT of the killing.

Here's what we heard:

"he was leaving Riva, as soon as he got to the gate some Durango looking truck pulled in front of his car, 2 dudes in ski masks came up trying to take his sh*t then I see them just shoot him three times point blank... SMH he was dead. Sad man..."

Heard from my roommate as well that the truck followed him around the parking lot once before he went inside and parked down the street.

The person who took the original video was a friend of one of the salesman. Allegedly the perps used silencers on their weapons as some of the salesmen that we're outside didn't think they were actual gunshots. that's all the info I have as of right now"

This murder plot seems even MORE strange than at first glance. The killers appear to have been hired PROFESSIONALS. And robbery doesn't seem to be the motive.

Xxxtentacion was 20 years old and was recently taken OFF of house arrest. The judge gave him permission to tour. 

According to TMZ:

At 7:07 PM ET -- The Sheriff's Dept. just released a statement saying XXX was approached by two armed suspects as he left the dealership. They say at least one of the suspects fired their gun, striking XXX. Broward Co. Sheriff's Dept. says XXXTentacion was pronounced dead at 5:40 PM ET.