Xxxtentacion's Enemies Just Leaked SEXY Pics . . . OF HIS MOTHER Online!! (They're HEARTLESS)

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Rapper Xxxtentacion was shot and killed yesterday - by a group of masked thugs. Well his enemies aren't finished with the 20 year old rapper.

This morning, some of X's haters leaked some GRAPHIC images - purportedly of Xxxtentacion's MOTHER. Miss Cleo. Miss Cleo is a beautiful young woman  - who gave birth to her son as a teenager.

The images show Miss Cleo in very revealing clothing - but no nudity. The images are highly suggestive. Some people are wondering WHY anyone would do such a thing.


Here is another image

Here is a third image

According to local police XXX was ambushed by a group of men in a Black SUV. They pulled out guns and shot him dead.

Xxxtentacion was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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