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Wu Tang Rapper GHOSTFACE KILLAH Gives A Concert . . . INSIDE WHITE CASTLE!!!

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When you're a rapper like Ghostface Killah — you get checks from all kinds of places. Ghostface gets licensing fees for his music, royalties, performance fees, and CORPORATE MONEY.

MTO News learned that Ghostface recently signed a deal with White Castle, the cheeseburger restaurant, to bring more notoriety to their brand. He and Questlove performed a free concert for fans at a local White Castle in New York City. And they got a BIG OLE BAG for it too. The crowd was turned up and danced along as Ghostface performed some of his biggest hit records, including "Da Mystery of Chessboxin."

Ghostface and Questlove teamed up with White Castle to perform for the launch of White Castle's newest "meatless" burger, which is a vegan burger that actually "bleeds" when you cut it open.