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It's A WRAP . . . Cardi B Just SURPASSED Nicki Minaj . . . Se's Got ANOTHER HIT . .. This Time With BRUNO MARS!! (You Can't Call Her . . . ONE HIT WONDER Anymore)


Cardi is making all the right moves: THREE Top 10 Singles On H100 At The Same Time. FOUR in the Top 15. FIVE overall. The No. 1 Single. And now a huge pop collab with Bruno Mars. Prolly Another No. 1. Likeable. Humble.

Meanwhile. Nicki is out here releasing trash. Rapping about the same shit. Same tired wigs. And with an unbearable diva attitude. Compare Cardi's new track with Nicki's:

It won't be long before Cardi passes Nicki's records - and then she can sing about being like the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin.