WORST Prom Prank EVER . . . Teen Boy FAKES DEATH . . . To Ask Girl To The PROM!! (VID)

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A high school boy went a little TOO FAR - in an attempt to get a date to the prom.

The prankster boyfriend decided to fake his own death in an elaborate ‘promposal’ stunt. And as you can imagine, it didn't go over well.

The girlfriend, Kiah Keys, 15, known locally for being ‘overly dramatic’, so you can imagine her shock when she was told that her boyfriend - Richard Fisher - was involved in an accident.

After a few minutes, the 18-year-old mutters 'I've been dying to ask you to prom', causing Kiah to scream 'you're so annoying', in anguish, before accepting his invitation through a flurry of tears. Reports said, "Kiah rushed to the scene, a parking lot in Blue Springs Missouri, and was told that her boyfriend was dead."

She saw her boyfriend Richard was lying on the ground with fake blood coming out of his mouth.

And you can see what happened next below:

"I felt so bad for Kiyah when she started crying, but we know she's very strong and would see the funny side - Richard is always messing around. 'A few minutes after the prank was revealed she was laughing and smiling again." He was going to be romantic at first, but the more she nagged he changed his mind," according to the Daily Mail.

Kids these days have been doing the most outrageous things when it comes to prom. Some go super elaborate and make it similar to a wedding engagement, and others like the kid above go extremely dramatic and OVER THE TOP.