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WORD ON THE STREET Is That . . . 'REPUBLICAN BLONDE BIMBO' Tomi Lahren . . . Is Now Dating . . . A BLACK GUY!! (LOL . . . The Alt-Right Is Gonna GO CRAZY)

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    Original: just got some really INTERESTING NEWS - Republican BIMBO Tomi Lahren is reportedly dating an African-American man.

Tomi, who was recently FIRED from Glen Beck's TV station, has been looking for a new come up - and now she may have it. According to multiple folks on Twitter, Tomi has been spotted walking around Los Angeles with an African-American man - whom people are saying is her boyfriend.

And her new dude is helping Tomi change her opinions. She wore a "Black Guns Matter" shirt - the shirt proposes that all Black people should have weapons - on her Instagram.

Wouldn't it be CRAZY if she pulls a MILEY CYRUS and turns into a Black Lives Matter advocate?