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A woman who sued for assaulting her in a nightclub years ago and was awarded $6.4 million by a judge, wants Da Brat to pay up.

Back in August, the Da Brat filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with assets totaling $108,700.65 and liabilities totaling $7,782,249.57. The bulk of her liabilities stem from the money owed to her reported assault victim, Shayla Stevens.

Stevens thinks the Dish Nation host is trying to wriggle out of her paying up and has filed a suit against Da Brat challenging her bankruptcy suit and "demanding the rapper’s debts not be wiped clean," according to The Blast.

Former cheerleader, Stevens, who won a $6.4 million judgment (which has grown with interest to $8 million) wants all of the money she is owed.

Stevens reportedly says Da Brat “acted with willful misconduct” when she assaulted her, and thus the judgment she won cannot be discharged. Da Brat has not paid her victim anything since being ordered to by a judge years ago.

"Stevens claims that Da Brat also failed to explain what happened to the money she earned through her participation in the “Set it Off” tour and her continuing dealings with Jermaine Dupri, including her participation in the So So Def 25th Anniversary Concert that went down in October 2018."

Da Brat also currently stars in the WEtv show, Growing Up Hip Hop ATL.