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Rapper J Cole calls himself a feminist - but a group of women are saying that he is "anti-woman" and "sexist'; and they're threatening to boycott him. 

The women are proposing to boycott J Cole's music, and any streaming service that  promotes him.

The proposed boycott of the rapper popped off yesterday on Twitter, when a group of women in media discovered that J Cole had refused to allow any female reporters to attend the studio listening session for his new album.

Here's the Tweet that started it all:


Then it all went downhill for J Cole from there:

Typically, rappers invite members of the media - of both sexes - to cover their album listening sessions. 

Theymake sure that both male and female reporters are there, so that the reporting shows both gender's perspective on the music.

It's very strange for an artist to exclusively choose reporters of one sex to cover any music.

So far J Cole has not addressed the proposed boycott against him.