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Woman's ONE-YEAR-OLD BABY Is Killed Before Her BIRTHDAY PARTY . . . And The Party Planner . . . REFUSED To Give Grieving Mom Her DEPOSIT BACK!! (MESSAGES)

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Last month, a 19-year-old mom named Ariyan Johnson paid a $300 deposit to a Jacksonville event planner for her daughter's first birthday party.

Unfortunately, she never was able to celebrate the party with family and friends.

You see Ariyan, her fiance Quasean Trotter, and their baby girl Arielle were all murdered in their Jacksonville home just a week after Ariyan made the deposit.

Ariyan's mother asked the event planner, Raishekia McCloud, to refund the $300 because her family needed every penny to pay for three unexpected funerals.

“At the time of my daughter's passing, I needed it. We were doing a triple funeral -- not for one person, not for two, but three people,” Yaisa Richardson said. “Two families were combined, which made this funeral large, but at that time, God provided.”

Raishekia refused - claiming that the NOW DECEASED MOM "knew the money was non-refundable" and that she signed a contract.

The whole mess BLEW UP on social media - here are the messages back and forth:

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After being SHAMED on Facebook, the event planner finally gave the mom her money back and said:

“I understand the mother is grieving and that the family is grieving, but please have courtesy for business owners and people like me ... We still have to continue on in this life to do what we need to do to provide for our family.”

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