A woman who paid $100,000 to have R. Kelly released out on bond earlier this year, will not be seeing her money anytime soon.

A Cook County judge declined to increase the $1 million bond for singer R. Kelly on his pending sex abuse cases but he also denied a request from the woman who posted Kelly's bond in February to get her coins back.

According to the judge, Valencia Love has no legal basis for asking for her money back.

Love owns a restaurant in Chicago, and when hearing that she paid Kelly's bond, many threatened to boycott her business. Unfortunately, Kelly is being held without bail on federal indictments both in Chicago and in New York.

His trial will most likely be in 2020, and it's also likely that Kelly will be forced to sit in jail until the trial. His lawyer, Steven Greenberg, is working on trying to have the star released:

"All we want is for R. Kelly to be treated like everyone else," Greenberg said per the Chicago Tribune. "And so far he's been treated differently. There has been a rush to judgment."