Woman Who Accused DaBaby Of Sliding Into Her DMs Apologizes

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A married woman who accused DaBaby of sliding into her DMs after he did business with her husband has apologized to him.

"Apology to DaBaby & his family. Thanks fans for doing your investigation and getting the truth from this girl who started it all! Pple have way too much times on their hands!!" she wrote on Instagram.

Last week, the woman wrote a long post, slamming the rapper:

 "I DONT PLAY ABOUT MY MARRIAGE. The ultimate disrespect for me is to have someone who steps in your dm who 1) Not only knows your married , 2) was in the midst of doing business with my husband, 3) I ain't nobody's BIHHH and 4) disrespect my husband and my marriage !!! Some ppl would say you should just ignore it but NAH this is the ultimate disrespect that I can't look past."


DaBaby then posted a video to social media, denying that the DMs were sent from him.