Woman Tries To MURDER Babys Father On LIVE . . . SHOTS FIRED!!!

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A Latina woman from Baltimore attempted to murder her baby father - because she felt "disrespected" by him. And the woman decided to film her attempt murder, and livestream it to her fans.

MTO News viewed footage from a Baltimore Woman's LIVE account. She was arguing with her child's father, and claims that he "disrespected" her. So she found out where he was, by looking at the location marker on his last social media post - and PULLED UP.

The woman showed up armed with what looked like a 9mm handgun. And when she got out o the car, she fired multiple shots at her child's father. 

It's not clear - from the below video - whether he was hit by the gunshots. But later videos suggest that the man was NOT hit by any bullets.

Here is the link to the video: