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A woman was shot in a drive by shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee while her friend filmed the shooting.

And surprisingly the victim was calm. As she lay on the ground, in a pool of her own blood, she smiled for the camera - and threw up some gang signs.

Here is the video, warning it is VERY graphic

The graphic video starts with a woman filming her friend - wearing a pink t-shirt - walking up to a silver car along a residential street in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Then shots can be heard, and the woman filming yells out: 'Oh s**t! That b***h got shot'. She runs to her friend's side, still filming, and points the camera on her injured friend - who clutches at her side where a large pool of blood can be seen gathering underneath her.

But unfazed, the shot woman in pink smiles widely at the camera and flashes a gang sign despite suffering a bullet wound.

The woman filming can then be heard saying: 'Yea, thug life. This alright.'

The victim then replies: 'Thug life baby, God still good. You heard me?'

MTO News reached out to the Chatanooga police department. They told us that they are investigating the video, and have no further comment.

Here is the video, warning it is VERY graphic