A woman has gone viral after she smashed her ex-boyfriend's homie, then he slept with her DAD and posted the evidence on Instagram!

According to Aazios, the woman has been dating "Mario" and she cheated on him with his best friend. So the woman, who the site is calling "Tracy" was booted from their home. Two weeks later, Tracy's father was released from prison, and Mario offered his couch - but the two ended up in bed and Mario filmed them having intercourse - and posted it to the Gram.

"You could clearly see it was Tracy's dad in the video. Then he posted this picture. Tracy was on live crying saying she didn't know Mario was bisexual and but she had heard some things about her dad because he was always locked up and one time it was for being caught giving head to a guy behind a dumpster by ****wood Apartments. I don't know how she didn't know Mario was bi sexual because his baby mother caught him with a guy and thats why she had stopped messing with him," Aazios reports.

The initial post was deleted but check out the screenshot of the dad getting down and dirty below.