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A 22 year old Maryland woman will spend the next 7 years of her life behind bars. As she was found guilty of slashing a man's neck at a Taco Bell.

According to prosecutors Caley Mason, 22, of Maryland got into an expletive laden argument with a Taco Bell employee. In disgust, one of the customers at the restaurant Jason Luczkow, 48, confronted Caley about her language - BIG mistake.

Caley then pulled a knife and slashed Jason's throat - leaving him with an 8-inch gash from his ear to his Adam’s apple. Police have now released footage of the slashing.

Luczkow told The Oregonian he intervened to try to get the woman to calm down.

“Apparently, the management had already told her to leave,” he said. “As she continued to rant and rave, I told her to be quiet. Told her to zip it.”

Mason left the store, but returned a short time later with a knife and slashed a surprised Luczkow in the throat before fleeing in a silver Kia Soul with her boyfriend, identified by authorities as Phillip Michael Thomas, and her two young children, ages 2 and 4.

“My wife thought I was playing a practical joke with the hot sauce packets,” Luczkow said. “Needless to say, I didn’t get my order that night.”

The gruesome assault was caught on cell phone video, local station KPTV reports.

Police pulled the Maryland mother over a short time later and she was taken into custody.

Here is the video - warning it is graphic

Caley pleaded guilty in Clackamas County last month to second-degree assault in the brutal knife attack. She received a seven-year prison sentence .

Here is the video - warning it is graphic