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Woman Shows How To SMUGGLE Meth Into Prison . . . She Can Even TWERK . . . With Meth Hidden UP THERE!!!

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A DISTURBING video has gone viral online – and it shows a woman describing how to smuggle CRYSTAL METH into prison – for her boyfriend.
The woman – who claims that she was on a “date” while filming – gave step-by-step instructions on how to beat the prison’s defenses.

Just a month ago, two North Las Vegas women were arrested for attempting to smuggle methamphetamine into an Ely prison.

Daveonda Neal, 19, and Tonya Alexander, 35, allegedly tried sneaking 27 grams of meth into the prison and the ac landed them behind bars!

They ere charged on counts of trafficking a controlled substance, transporting a controlled substance and attempted furnishing of a controlled substance to a state prisoner, officials said and are both being held on $150,000 bail.

Last year a woman in Georgia was arrested for allegedly trying to bring contraband into Telfair State Prison in Helena. The woman asked if she could change her baby’s pamper but was told that an officer would have to accompany her. After protesting, she was eventually forced to do with officers watching where they found two red latex balloons wrapped in brown tape containing contraband inside – 8 grams of tobacco and the other contained 24 grams of meth.

We have no idea why the woman would shoot this video revealing her face. But these days, social media has folks leaving their common sense at the door.

We warn you; the video is graphic.

Here is the link to the video

Here is an alternate link