Woman 'SHOOTS' Sister And 5 Yr Old Niece . . . Execution Style . . . NEXT LEVEL Sibling Rivalry!!

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A woman is being charged with shooting her own sister and niece - execution style. This Detroit crime is taking the entire country by storm. The family and friends of the sisters are devastated by what police described as an “execution-style shooting” of 5-year-old Isabella Coleman.

Police say that a masked gunman snuck into Isabella's room and stood over the girl around 10 p.m. Thursday while she was in bed with her mother, Dejiza Coleman.

Dejiza was shot 17 times, according to authorities. She's currently in the hospital fighting for her life.

The gunman then shot Isabella, killing her, according to Detroit police Chief James Craig.

Police believe that Dejiza's own sister was the shooter. And they say the motive behind the shooting was a well-known sibling rilvary between the sisters.

The mother and her child were shot Thursday night at a home on Lyndon Street in Detroit, police said. A short time later, police executing a search warrant connected to the case used deadly force, killing someone inside a house on Evergreen Road.

Detroit police arrested Coleman's sister at another family home two miles away on Evergreen Road. But as officers went into the house, they said they encountered Detric Driver, 46, armed with a high-powered weapon.

"Here's the thing: If they were looking for (expletive), all they had to do was knock on my door," Driver's brother, Daryl Driver, said. "I would have gladly opened it up and let them in. You killed my brother for nothing."

"This is not a wrong person," Craig said. "He was armed with a high-powered weapon."

Family members said it's unfair that Isabella will never get to grow up because of the actions of adults.

The two sisters, Dejiza and Mckayla Coleman (only 19-years-old), lived together in the same home and they were at odds. It’s unsure what the two sisters were arguing about.