Woman Sends An OPEN LETTER On Facebook . .. To Her BABYS FATHER'S NEW WIFE . . . And Well . . . It's NOT What You THINK!!!


You always hear about stories of baby's mothers FIGHTING their man's NEW WIFE. Well one woman decided to write an OPEN LETTER to her exes' NEW WIFE. It's very surprising.

Open Letter to My Son's Stepmother Amy:

When I first found out you were part of Tyshawn's life I honestly could care less. We were all young and you were just his cute little girlfriend. But then y'all feelings for each other were growing and you started spending time with my son. You've always adored his father but for me that had nothing to do with my son and when it did y'all were crossing boundaries. I was angry and bitter the thought of some woman spending time with my son and him loving her like a "mommy" it broke my heart like I've never felt before. I was never jealous or bitter about your relationship with Ty, but the one you were forming with my baby boy made me crazy.

Then came the wrath from hell in both of us. Crazy thing is that neither of us did anything to cause it but we fell into it. People did so much to get us to hate each other. Even family and friends. They put things in our ear about Travon and Tyshawn. It was our most sensitive points. I hated you with a passion. We told each other about the times we cried because it hurt so bad and we didn't know how to fix it. To this day I don't understand why people would try to hurt us and break our family. Why they attacked me as a mother and you as a woman. The lies and deception!

Reality hit me like a bat connecting for a homerun this spring. You two were getting married and having a baby girl. I didn't know how to feel. I was so happy Tyshawn was marrying the love of his life and growing his family because he's truly an amazing man and deserves the best. But now I had to deal with you forever. I had to accept you were making my son a big brother and you too would be part of his life forever. I secretly resented you because I wanted to find love, be married and make Travon a big brother. But hell I didn't even have a boyfriend let alone consistent good morning texts.

Tyshawn had it the worst though. He had to deal with both of us. Me, the mother of his first born child and his best friend and You, his wife, the love of his life and best friend also. We put him in a position where he felt he had to choose. But then one night it got really bad!! We all got into an argument and Travon heard everything. He saw me crying to the point I couldn't breathe and he started crying too asking me why I hated you so much. He thought he had to choose and he didn't want to like you let alone love you. I never wanted my son to see me that out of character or to teach my son to hate anyone.

Then came Halloween, I came over y'all new house. I held your beautiful baby girl and we sat there and talked. Finally, We Talked. We fought back tears as we explained why we felt as we did and the truth came out. We put everything on the table no holding back. We should've done that a long time ago. I was missing the bigger purpose all along. You were never trying to be his new mom, you never bad mouthed me as a mother, you loved my son. I never wanted you and Tyshawn to feel like you just had to "deal with his baby momma" but I knew there was a point that it came to that. I'm so sorry for that, I know I have a strong personality, I'll go to war for my son and I'm not easy to deal with.

I realized how amazing you are, how much you genuinely love Travon and that you're a phenomenal new mom. I loved that we could all be in a room together and Tyshawn and I could laugh hysterically telling you memories from high school eating triple whoppers before basketball games setting a bad example as captain of basketball and cheerleading or me crying hysterically after prom walking in my dress in the rain because I was emotional and pregnant but didn't know or with our families like when my dad used my stored breast milk as coffee creamer and you sat there laughing with us because it's funny moments from the past that isn't meant to reminisce or offend it's because him and I have always been best friends first for over 11 years.

It takes a special kind of woman to learn how to adapt to being with a man that has a child and everything that comes with that. I trust you with Travon's life and his heart. You not only love my best friend, Tyshawn, but you love my son like your own just like I love your baby girl Mia. They love to see us spending time and communicating so much. And today it hit me, I don't just think you're an amazing mom and that you're actually really cool, but that I actually love you too like family and you're my new best friend. We have so much in common and we've had so many of the same struggles. We're a blended family and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way it's truly a blessing.

So as I sit here writing this with slow tears of happiness and finally feel at peace, I want to thank you so much for all you do for our son, because you're his mom too and for being my best friend.