Woman Robbed On Instagram Live - While Flashing Stimulus Cash!! (Graphic)


A New Jersey woman was robbed, after she flexed a wad of cash on Instagram Live, MTO News has learned. And the robbery was captured on video, and live-streamed to thousands of people.

The woman was "flexing" on Instagram, with a wad of cash. In the video, the woman suggests that she received the cash - at least in part - from the government stimulus check.

And while she was talking to her viewers about her money, a man walked beside her car, and grabbed the money right from her hands.

See the full video above.

In the video, the thief - whose face was not captured - can be seen snatching the woman's money with BOTH hands, then runs off. The woman tries to chase the thief, but before se could even get out of the car, he was already gone.

The victimized woman's smile quickly turned into a frown as she frantically got out her car to chase the thief in vein.