Woman Removes Weave In Front Of Husband For 1st Time - Video Goes Viral!!

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A popular interracial YouTube couple is going viral, after the woman, a black woman, took off her weave in front of her husband - and she saw her natural hair for the first time.

The video went viral because it's so cringe-worthy on so many levels!

The video was uploaded by a Youtube couple, Derek and Ruth, who are popular in the "interracial couple" sub-genre of videos. And Ruth has been wearing extensions or a weave throughout the entire course of their relationship.

Here's what her hair used to look like:


But over the weekend, Ruth decided that she wanted to FINALLY show her husband what she looked like underneath it all. It would be Derek's first time ever seeing his wife's natural hair.

And the video went super-viral and was shared all over social media.

First off, many viewers found it incomprehensible that Ruth could be married to a man for years, have a child with him, and hide her hair from him throughout the entirety of their relationship.

Second, it was clear from the video that Derek did NOT like her natural hair. And some viewers are calling his reaction "culturally disrespectful."

Watch the full video: