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A Black woman is claiming that she faced racial discrimination while trying to cash a check at Maryland's Harford Bank. The woman drove up to the Joppa, MD location and handed a check and her ID to the bank teller.

That's when things went left.

According to the woman the bank teller - who is White - refused to cash the check. She also refused to return the check to the woman, or her ID.

Eventually the Black woman called the police and asked them to help out. Police spoke with the Bank teller, but refused to take any action against her.

Here's what the Black woman claims happened next:

No, everything is not ok. The cops had to buy my baby milk. I still don’t have my money or my check.

She locked my check in a vault.

I’m so upset because I’m out of work with no income and that was the only money I had to feed my kids due to the corona virus.

I’m on my last can of milk for the night this is so upsetting.