Woman Pulls Up On Man She Says MOLESTED HER . . . He Apologizes!! (Video)

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A woman has gone viral, after she confronted a man that she claims molested her and her sister many years ago.

The video, which has been seen by millions since going viral, shows a woman pulling up on an elderly man inside church. The woman confronts him with allegations that he molested her.

The woman is seen telling the man, :You molested me and my sister."

At first the man, who is an elder at the church, denies molesting her. But after some prodding - he eventually "apologizes" to the young lady - on video.

The man can be heard saying, 'I apologize."

What happens next is utterly shocking. Surprisingly the alleged victim "accepts" his apology. She even shakes the hand of the  man - whom she claims molested her.

The video has gone viral, and THOUSANDS of people are commenting on it.