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Woman 'PROVES' She's Not Pregnant By SIDE DUDE . . . By Showing Her 'SOILED' Menstrual Pad . . . On LIVE!!


A video has gone VIRAL on social media. The video shows a woman being confronted by her side dude and his girlfriend on LIVE - and asked to prove that she's NOT pregnant.

The woman in the pink in the video, who is deaf, had been carrying on a FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS relationship with her side dude - while he was on the outs with his girlfriend.

But his girlfriend (also in the video) wanted to know -before she got back with him - whether he got any women pregnant while they were on break.

So they both decided to confront his ex-jumpoff and ask for proof. And BOY did they get it.

If this isn't the most ratchet video we've seen in a while, we don't know what is. But - it certainly shuts down any rumors. The woman must've really wanted him out of her life for good to go to those extremes.

And is 3-way-calling with your girlfriend and your side piece a thing now? The advancement of technology has really come at the expense of common sense. Now this young lady will forever be known as the girl who showed her bloody tampon to the world.

Ugh. So gross.

Here is the link to the video