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WOMAN: My 7 Foot NBA Boyfriend Got HERPES In His Butt . . . Claims He Got It . . . ‘POSTING UP’ During Game!!!

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B-Ball_Explosion just got wind of a CRAZY STORY – circulating about a VERY popular NBA 7-footer – who’s considered an ALL-STAR.
An EXOTICAL INSTA-THOT claims that the baller got “herpes on his butt.” The woman explained, “I’ve been dating [NAME REDACTED] off and on for years. He likes to trick off on me, so I meet him whenever he asks.”

The thottie added, “I’m used to dating NBA players, I assume they ALL have herpes, and most of them do. So do I so it’s not really an issue. But [NAME REDACTED] has it on his butt too.”

The Instagram “model expanded, “He wad a bad break out on his butt and when I asked him about it – he said that he caught it posting up on another player – playing Basketball.”

She continued, “I Google’d it and they said it is possible to get herpes playing basketball, but that seems strange to me.”

Herpes is spread a number of ways. You can contract genital herpes by having vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone who has the disease. We’re not sure whether “posting up before a game” would transmit this disease.

We have no idea why the THOT in questions who assumes that all players have the disease, would still risk catching it herself. Once it’s gone, it never leaves!