Woman 'MURDERS' Her Husband . . . Now She's Claiming . . . That He Was 'ABUSIVE'!! (Do You BELIEVE Her??)

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MTO News learned that a Texas mom is being charged with MURDERING her husband. Police say that they plan on charging Morgan Leigh Sims, 33, with murder after authorities say shot her husband at their home - in front of their two young children.

Morgan and her husband, Daray Vontrell Sims, celebrated their seven-year wedding anniversary just weeks before she KILLED him. Court documents show that Morgan initially told police that her husband was abusive and that she shot him in SELF DEFENSE.

“When asked what happened, Sims stated that she had ‘been abused, which caused me to defend myself,'” the court documents read. She refused to say much more, however, and asked for an attorney.

Authorities were called to the couple’s home just after 6:30 Friday evening about a possible domestic disturbance. Someone had called to report that their sister and her husband were “arguing and fighting.” Moments later, emergency dispatchers got a call from Morgan Sims’ mother, claiming her daughter had just shot her husband. Her mother reported she was at the home, along with the couple’s two children, ages 2 and 6.

Reports say that, "Morgan Sims was taken into custody after her brother told dispatchers that he left the residence in a black Range Rover. After telling the deputy she had been abused by her husband, Sims declined to say anything else and asked for an attorney, according to an affidavit."

Affidavits obtained by the Dallas Morning News show paramedics arrived at the home to find Daray Sims face-down on the bathroom floor in “copious amounts of blood.” Sims’ brother told authorities his sister had left the house in a Black Range Rover, which police eventually caught up with several miles down the road. Sims was arrested on the spot.