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Woman Loses Her WHOLE FAMILY In CAR ACCIDENT . . . Her Husband And BOTH KIDS KILLED!! (Terrible Story))

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A freak accident in California has cost a young woman her entire family.

The accident occurred on the 91 Freeway in Artesia, California, early Saturday morning.

Lavell Mann, 33, Logan Mann, 3, and 9-month-old Legend Mann were all killed in the collision, according to California Highway Patrol Jeremy Tolen.

A red Jeep was traveling in the No. 3 lane when it rear-ended a gas tanker trunk. “That collision sent the red Jeep out of control and into the center median, which caused another collision,” Tolen said.

The second crash caused the Jeep to overturn; it was hit immediately after that by a BMW sedan, according to the officer.

All three occupants of the Jeep died in the crash, he said.

Here are videos of Lavell, Logan and Legend.