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Woman Kills Her Husband At HOLIDAY PARTY . . . He 'ADMITS' Cheating . . . And She STABBED HIM IN THE HEART . . . In Front Of Horrified Guests!!!


A holiday house party in Virginia turned into a HORROR SCENE after police say that a woman stabbed her husband in front of a room full of party-goers.

Local police say that Mara Flore Lewis, 27, was arrested on murder charges in connection with the stabbing.

According to police, Mara got into a public argument with her husband, 26-year-old Fred Lewis III.

The couple was attending a Christmas party at a friend's home.

So what happened? Well according to partygoers Mara was accusing her husband of cheating, and he made an allegedly rude comment which could have been interpreted as him admitting to infidelity.