EXCLUSIVE: Man Murders ALLEGED Side Chick . . . ON LIVESTREAM . . . After She 'EXPOSED' Him . . . To His GIRLFRIEND!!

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MTO News located a video showing a woman MURDERED by a man who she had a relationship with — and it was done on LIVE STREAM.

The video shows a young woman, live streaming while apologizing on Livestream, for "allegedly exposing" her relationship with the man, who has a longtime GF. She's simultaneously on the phone with her relative -who is PLEADING with the enraged man not to do "anything crazy."

But unfortunately that's exactly what he did. The sicko pulled out a rifle and shot his alleged side chick dead — while dozens of people watched.

Some folks on social media say that the victim exposed the killer - just a few hours before she was held hostage:


The woman is believed to be 27-year-old Rannita Williams from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Her boyfriend, who appears to murder her in the video, is 36-year-old Johnathan Robinson. He was arrested after a standoff with local police. During the standoff a Shreveport police office was reportedly shot in the wrist.

According to KTBS, the local affiliate of ABC in Shreveport, Robinson was, "booked into the Shreveport City Jail on charges of second-degree murder and convicted felon in possession of a firearm." And at the jail he made a huge ruckus because, "shortly after he was booked, Robinson allegedly broke a pipe, flooding his cell at the Shreveport City Jail. He became combative and police had to remove him from the cell, according to Cpl. Marcus Hines, a Shreveport Police Department spokesman."

The investigators don't know why Robinson started shooting initially.

In the video a man's voice can be heard screaming curse words at the woman on live stream. The man says Williams needs to apologize. But, no reason is given as to why she needs to make the apology.