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Woman 'Positive' For Coronavirus After Twerking At Atlanta Pool Party! (Vid)

A woman who claims to have attended the popular July 4th "Haywire Weekend" pool party in Atlanta is now claiming to have tested positive for the Coronavirus. And that could have enormous implications for the city of Atlanta, MTO News has learned.


The indoor pool party, held at the popular nightclub Compound, went down on Sunday, July 5 - and there was no social distancing in sight. Videos of the "Haywire weekend party have since gone viral.

Here are some videos from the event:

But now a woman on Twitter, claiming to have attended the raunchy party - is saying that she has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The woman - who has since deleted the tweet - wrote, "tested positive for corona." Her social media account also showed video posted of the woman twerking at the Atlanta pool party, just two days earlier.

It's not clear whether the woman was trolling, or whether she in fact is infected. MTO News reached out to the woman for comment, but she refused.

If she is infected, Atlanta could have community spread on its hands.