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Brittany Mickens from Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA, was born with a rare disorder - she has the skin of a 100 year old women.

Brittany's skin is thick, dry and scaly but doctors initially dismissed this as an extreme case of eczema. They prescribed her strong creams to treat her skin, but the creams would only work for a few weeks at a time before her skin reverted to the condition it was in before. 

People would stare at Brittany and notice her skin was different. But her mother, Wanda,  instilled a strong sense of self-love in her since she was a child by getting her to repeat the words, ‘I love you and I am beautiful’ in the mirror to herself.

It wasn’t until Brittany started college at 18 and went to a new dermatologist that she was diagnosed with ichthyosis, a condition that causes widespread and persistent thick, dry, ‘fish scale’ skin. 

Brittany finally made sense of why prescribed creams and medicines never worked on her skin before. She used to visit the dermatologist eight times a year for 25-years.

But now Brittany's fed up of putting chemicals on her skin for them to work and then stop working, so she opted for a natural approach to her skin care which involves using natural shea butter with essential oils, gold bond ultimate radiance renewal and cocoa butter Vaseline after a shower and Jamaican black castor oil at night.

So far it appears to be working.