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A woman from Georgia is going viral this morning, after she told folks on the website Reddit that her husband calls their African American daughter the "N Word."

The woman's post, which is still active on Reddit, has been viewed more than 3,000,000 times and has thousands of comments.

The woman, who is white and married to a Caucasian man, secretly went through her husband's text messages on his phone - and was shocked by what she found.

The couple has a 5-year-old adopted daughter, who is 100% Black. 

The wife claims that she secretly looked at some of her husband's text messages, and saw somewhere he was talking to a friend,. And in the messages, he "jokingly" called their 5 year Black daughter a "n*gg*r."

The husband reportedly said of their daughter, "The little n*gg*r spilled juice everywhere.""

Outside of telling racist jokes about their daughter to friends, the woman claims that her husband is "the most loving and caring father I have ever seen."

She asked Reddit readers to give her advice on how to act.

Here is the full post: