Woman Gets SMASHED AND DASHED By R&B Singer Jacquees . . . And She's On Social Media . . . BRAGGING ABOUT IT!!!

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An ATLANTA woman named Leisha is open about her love for R&B singer Jacquees. And last weekend, she got to live out her EVERY FANTASY with the singer.

According to Leisha, she met Jacquees while attending one of his concerts. The two flirted when Jac was on stage. Then , Leisha went back to Jacquees hotel after the show — and he FREAKED HER OFF all night long.

The women immediately took to social media after their ONE NIGHT STAND - and bragged to all her Facebook friends. As you can imagine - some friends approved of her behavior - others didn't.

Here's what she had to say:


And here are some pics of the girl:

First pic

Second pic

Third pic

Here is the video of her and Jacques at the club together:

Despite this girl having a good time and getting her rocks off, we hope that she stayed VERY FAR from Jacques' feet. Yesterday he was exposed by THOUSANDS of people in his Instagram comments after he revealed his SLAVE TOES.

The R&B singer revealed his new Gucci sandals and also his toes to his fans. And they looked bad. According to one fan, it appeared that Jacquees toes were "devoured by a flesh eating bacteria."