Woman Gets Punished For Not Greeting Her Mother-In-Law . . . SHAVED HEAD!!

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A new video has gone viral - and it shows what happened when a woman from Ivory Coast did not "properly" greet her mother-in-law.

The woman, who is from Abidjan - a big city in Ivory Coast, recently married a man from a very traditional family. The woman and her husband recently went to the rural village where he's from, to stay the weekend with her mother-in-law.

And while there, her mother-in-law accused the wife of not greeting the elder with "enough enthusiasm." So she decided to "punish" the young wife using tribal justice.

As the below video shows, the wife was held down, and her head was shaved. Her husband was not able to help her either - he was subdued inside the home.

The coupe live in Abidjan, Ivory Coasts capital city. Tribal justice like the one seen in the video would NEVER happen in the big city. But in rural villages, a lot of backwards thinking exists.

Here's Abidjan.


Here is the video- warning GRAPHIC: