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Montia Sabbag, the woman who starred in Kevin Hart's viral sex tape, has had her emotional distress lawsuit thrown out of court for a second time - after trying to sue bloggers for their coverage of her.

In court papers obtained by Radar from California District Court, the court explained how Montia's original complaint was dismissed on September 17, 2019, for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

"Plaintiff alleges that 'Defendant the COSMOPOLITAN is, on information and belief, a business entity, form unknown, existing under the laws of the State of Nevada," the court papers read. "As this Court has already stated, Plaintiff bears the burden of proving that jurisdiction exists. Plaintiff's allegations regarding COSMOPOLITAN are not sufficient to invoke this Court's diversity jurisdiction."

The Court is dismissing Montia's First Amended Complaint for "lack of subject matter jurisdiction."

Montia allegedly leaked the tape (with help) after she reportedly tried to extort him for millions of dollars, per Hart.

Since then, she has been in court, suing blogs and websites for emotional distress over their coverage of the topic.