A 23 year old woman died this weekend, she was allegedly trying to take a selfie while leaving Miami - where she and her girlfriends went during Spring Break.

The Spring Break trip was awesome, Mariah Michelle Logan, 23, and 3 friends were in town to enjoy the Spring Break festivities. The young women spent three days enjoying the sun and nightlife in South Beach. 

But when the girls drove to the airport to leave, things turned deadly.

Local reports say that Mariah was “hanging out” of the right rear passenger window and taking a selfie. She reportedly was yelling, “Bye, Miami!!!!" when she flew out of the car and landed on the road. 

Mariah was in the middle of traffic and a Range Rover rolled over her, crushing her to death on the highway. 

According to the official crash report, Mariah fell from the 2019 Hyundai Accent sedan on State Road 112, the highway that connects Miami Beach with the airport. Police are still investigating Mariah's death, but right now they consider the death an accident.