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Woman Confronts Makeup Guru Jeffree Star: You Stole My Basketball Baby Daddy!

Jeffree Star posted an image of his new boyfriend on Instagram yesterday, and it quickly went viral. Shortly afterwards, MTO News learned, Jeff's new man's baby mama started BLASTING him on social media.

Jeffree Star has been accused in the past of being racist, so it surprised everyone when he posted a picture of his new man - a tatted up African American.

It didn't take long before folks turned up pics of the man, and Jeffree eventually posted pics of his new bae. The man's name is Andre Marhold. Andre was the star center/forward in Duquesne Dukes college men’s basketball team, but went undrafted in 2013.

He played basketball for a few years in Europe, before moving back to the States and settling down in Atlanta.

All of his friends, and his babys mama, all believed that he was a straight man.


His babys mama was particularly upset to learn that the father o her kids is getting his back blown out by the makeup guru. Look:


Here's the baby mama: