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A storybook love story turned tragic this week - and it led one of the women in the relationship - to commit suicide on Instagram Live. 

Giovanni Doll a.k.a. GigiBaby and Jay Dor (names they go by on Facebook) were a happy lesbian couple from Detroit.

But things went terribly wrong a few weeks ago. Giovanni died in her sleep - from health complications related to cancer.

One of Giovanni's close friends - Mrz Lawson on Facebook - posted about Giovanni's death and how devastating it was for everyone who knew her.

She wrote:

“#Forever21 Damn This Shyt Crazy Not My Baby Gigi Giovanni Doll Not My Baby Renee Naw Man This Shyt Can’t Be I’m Devastated I’m Hurt I Haven’t Cried Like This Since My Mother Passed Away Like That’s Was Our Bae We Talked Bout Everything N Anything We Was Jus Hangin Wit U On Saturday At #PalmerParkPride U Rode Wit Us N We Had A Good Time Its Always Laughs When We Get Around Eachother Wen U Got Out We Was Jus Having


But no one was more devastated about Giovanni's death than her girlfriend Jay Dor. Following Giovanni’s death, Jay Dor posted several messages and videos showing how distraught she was . . . and then she did the unthinkable.

After a series of graphic posts - Jay Dor committed suicide on Live - by JUMPING OFF A BRIDGE

HERE IS THE DISTURBING VIDEO showing Jay Dor committing suicide

And here are the posts that she created on Facebook before she committed suicide.