MTO NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Woman Attempts SUICIDE On Live . . . Drank Poison ON CAMERA . . . Now In CRITICAL CONDITION!!

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A video has gone viral - showing a woman attempting suicide on Livestream. The video was streamed this weekend and showed a woman complaining about her life - and asking for help.

Then the young woman did the unthinkable - she drank some sort of poison - and continued filming herself until she lost consciousness.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time a distraught individual has taken to social media to try and ended it all with deadly poison.

Last year, Pastor Richard Nhika from Zimbabwe made headlines when he drank poison in an open field in his country. He streamed the incident using Facebook live - over a woman.

"Take care and I hope God blesses you," he said, speaking of the woman. "I never lied to you. This is what I'm taking right now," he then showed the poison. "I'm taking it ... Thank you for taking my life ... You know the truth and God knows the truth."

The poison caused serious damage to his organs and he died shortly after.

It's a shame that some people get to the point where they feel they have to go to such extremes.

According to reports, the woman is still alive, but in critical condition.

Pray for her.