Woman Claims Tristan Thompson Fathered Her Baby & Has A S*x Tape With Him!!

She says Khloe Kardashian helped him cover it up!!

A woman is claiming that Tristan Thompson fathered her baby, but says that she believes Khloe Kardashian helped him to fudge the DNA test result that came back negative.

The woman posted a detailed message which was obtained by Gossip of the City, where she alleges that they had quietly taken DNA test in January of this year. But she also says she suspects that that the test was compromised because he picked his own DNA specialist, who may be linked to the Kardashians.

According to the woman, Tristan has since agreed to take a second DNA test. She says that she was "100% only with him and he knows it that's why he took the test" and that she has a sex tape of her performing oral sex on Tristan and "also other sh*t."

She alleges that people were bought off and that the Kardashians and that she has a lot of dirt on Khloe's baby daddy.