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A woman has been charged with sexual assault and domestic abuse and may be charged with rape after police say that she beat up her boyfriend because he refused to perform oral sex on her.

Amy Nicole Parrino, 43, is charged with punching and hit her boyfriend with a belt on Sunday night at his home in Missouri. Police say that Amy also pushed the alleged male victim to the ground and sat naked on his face before telling him to "eat my p****",.

According to authorities, Amy hit her boyfriend 20 to 25 times with an "open and closed fist." Then, authorities claim, she attacked the male with weapons - including a belt, cell phone, and brass plate.

Then the alleged s*xual assault happened. Police say Amy forced the alleged victim to the ground, removed her pants and "sat on his face." The victim told police that he was "scared to death" during the s*xual assault and that he "struggled to breath."

Officers responding to the incident on Sunday around 9.45pm said the boyfriend had two cuts on his arms and another to the bridge of his nose as well as red marks on his chest. He told police he didn’t want to do anything sexual with Parrino and had told her to "leave him alone" but she wouldn't oblige.