Woman Charged w/ Murder By Illegal Butt Injections!! (Warning - GRAPHIC)


Keshawn Bruce, 31, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter for fatally administering illegal butt injections to 42-year-old Juliet Capps, MTO News has learned.

Authorities conducted a four-year investigation, during which they claim to have uncovered evidence that Keshawn gave illegal butt shots to Juliet, who later died.


Keshawn was charged this week in connection to Juliet's death. According to the local media, Juliet died two years ago, in May 2016. Her death came seven months after she got the illegal and unregulated butt enhancement procedure.

Police say that she also suffered before dying - enduring severe pain following the procedure that Keshawn allegedly performed in a hotel room in October 2015.

Prosecutors say that Juliet's official cause of death was an infection from a flesh-eating bacteria, caused by a toxic injection. Keshawn has no medical expertise, nor was she licensed to administer the “black market” injections. 

She’s currently being held in police custody on $200,000 bond.