A White woman in Brooklyn called the police on a 9-year-old Black kid, claiming he "sexually assaulted her" In reality all he did was accidentally brush up against her, while walking past her in the store.

The incident happened at a Brooklyn deli, where the 9 year old boy was shopping with his mom, and his younger sister.

Security footage from the deli shows the child passed Teresa Sue Klein, 53, while exiting the store, and his backpack appears to brush against her.

“He was walking out with his mom and accidentally brushed up against her. His mother was right behind him,” a deli worker told The NY Post.

But Teresa flew into a rage, screaming “I want the cops here right now!” She told the 9-1-1 operator, “The son grabbed my ass, and [his mom] decided to yell at me.

Eventually police arrived, and determined that Teresa had called them under false pretenses.

Police are said to be investigating Teresa, for a possible criminal violation.

As you can see kid is crying. . . 

“A white lady calling the cops on a black kid, I get it,” begins the four-minute video uploaded by Facebook user Jason Littlejohn. The Wicked Witch of the Bodega can be barely heard above the scared cries of two children after she informs them that she is calling the police.

Here is the video: