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Woman Is BRUTALLY BEATEN On Livestream . . . For Making Fun . . . Of Her Friend's BABY DAUGHTER . . . Did he Mom GO TOO FAR THOUGH???

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A woman was brutally beaten on Livestream – after she allegedly made disparaging comments about her friend’s baby.
In the below video you see the woman getting ATTACKED – and beaten with a blow dryer and an iron.

A woman wearing a bright blue two-piece sits on the victim, pummeling her half to death. She repeatedly asks the woman to apologize for her remarks about her friend's child.

In the end, the woman – who REFUSED TO APOLOGIZE – was left a bloody mess.

We know that talking about people's children is a big no-no, but this is really taking things too far. Some viewers actually agreed with the victim as far as the baby.

"Dat sh*t wasn't even about dat lil ugly ass cabbage patch doll lookin baby. Mfkrs be doing dis sh*t for views n likes n in da process criminalizing themselves."

"Locked up, dumb motha f*ckin n*ggas. You'll stupid as F*CK.. Start your f*ckin' weekends off right in jail, where YOU BELONG! You actually dumb enough to record and POST it... Stupid b*tches"

"Should it be crime when crackheads have babies who turn out like these bums right here? Everyone in favor say,"I."

But what people still don't appear to realize in 2018 is that committing a crime and Livestreaming is essentially snitching on yourself. Now, these chicks should be expecting a call from the authorities because of their own stupidity!

Beating somebody with an iron and a blow dryer a high category assault!

Watch the video below.

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Here is the alternate link