Woman BEAT UP ON LIVE By Boyfriend. . . For Twerking In Her Underwear!! (Graphic Video)

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MTO News obtained a DISTURBING and GRAPHIC video - showing a 24 year old woman being BEATEN by her boyfriend, because she was twerking on LIVE.

The video starts with the young lady smiling - and telling her followers to "screenshot" the video, because it's about to get good. And then she starts twerking for her fans - while wearing just her underwear.

Here is the link to the video

A few seconds into the twerk - the woman realizes that her boyfriend walked into the room.Immediately you can see the look of FEAR in her eyes, and she stops moving.

But her boyfriend is out for blood. He brutally punches and kicks her, while still on LIVE. The girl can be heard BEGGING him to stop - but to no avail.

MTO News sent a copy of this video to the local police. We'll update this story, when they respond.

Here is the link to the video