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An Atlanta woman was brutally beaten by her alleged pimp, for refusing to "turn tricks" because of fear of catching the coronavirus.


The video was taken inside of a gas station convenience store in a popular area of Atlanta. And the video shows the brutal beating endured by the woman, who is Caucasian.

According to social media reports, the woman being beaten is allegedly a prostitute, and she was being beaten by her alleged pimp.

The social media account that uploaded the video claims that the woman was refusing to "turn tricks" because she worried that she may contract the highly contagious and potentially fatal coronavirus.

That didn't sit well with her alleged pimp, according to the uploading social media poster.

The video shows the man - who is being accused as bing a pimp - and another woman beat the woman mercilessly. After about a dozen punches to the face, the assault victim relents, and screams, "Okay I'll get you your money."

The woman then is seen leaving the gas station convenience store with the alleged pimp.

MTO News reached out to the Atlanta police for comment on the video. So far, they have not yet responded.