SHOCK VIDEO: Woman Shamelessly Digs In Pants . . .Rips Off Her MAXI Pad . . . And Slaps Girl With It!!

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We've seen some DISTURBING things happen in a fight - but what happened yesterday in Miami was the most DISRESPECTFUL thing we've ever seen.

The beef started when two women had WORDS over social media, and one of the females decided to PULL UP.

When one of the girls tried to GET OUT OF FIGHTING, the other tried anything to coax her opponent into a fist fight.

That's when she did the unthinkable. The woman dives deep into her denim cut-offs and struggles for almost a minute to remove her pad. Perhaps it was winged?

What we want to know is, why did the woman across the street wait all the time only to get slapped? She knew what was coming.

Here are a few reactions to the video:

"That's nasty but there ain't no way in hell the other chic shoulda stayed there waitin'!! She shoulda whooped her ass while she was diggin' for her pad"

"Hit her with the grocery receipt"

"She’s moves like Jim Lahey and let’s the liquor do the talkin"

"much digging as she did i thought it was a diaphram"

"That's Biological warfare. I guess the only thing to do now is one up her nastiness."

And the video went viral.