Woman Arrested For Having Virtual Sex With Jailed BF In Front Of Child

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A Florida woman has been arrested and charged after she participated in a virtual visit with her jailed boyfriend, which quickly turned sexual -- in front of her child.

Noelle Rascati, 32, video chatted with her boyfriend Tathan Fields, a 26-year-old as her young child sat and watched.

Fields was sentenced to 15 years at Santa Rosa County jail on burglary and grand theft charges, according to court documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Authorities say the visit "turned extremely sexual," as the child sat through and watched for the duration of the 12:28 video.

After initially "speaking in a sexual nature to each other," Rascati and Fields reportedly "began masturbating while watching the other," cops allege. TSG reports that Rascati, with her robe fully open, is seen retrieving a pink sex toy from a closet. She then uses the device "with her legs spread towards the camera."

While "exposing her entire nude body," Rascati "continues to pleasure herself with an assortment of sex toys." 

Rascati was arrested and charged with a felony of engaging in lewd and lascivious conduct in the presence of a minor.

After posting a $2000 bond, Rascati was freed and is scheduled for arraignment on May 18.