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Woman And Her Mom Livestream MOTHER'S DAY CRACK OFF . . . Smoke Drugs For FANS!!



A very disturbing video is circulating online. A woman and her mother Livestreamed themselves smoking what appears to be CRACK - in a special Mother's Day livestream.

The mom and daughter took to social media to share their Mothers Day bonding - over some cooked cocaine in the 2 minute 11 second video.

The two women reminisced about the time when the mother s*xually assaulted the daughter - while looking for drugs, The daughter explained, "You stuck your finger up my butt looking for crack."

But to the audience's surprise - the daughter didn't appear to be mad about it. She and her mom LAUGHED at the traumatic experience.

The video - which went viral yesterday has more than 500,000 views. And as you can imagine, the comments are LIT.

Watch for yourself, but you've been warned:

Here is the video - warning contains DRUG USE!!